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I'm a nurse by profession BUT A WRITER BY HEART. Everyone wants to be writer but not everyone can come up with a brilliant masterpiece. I can only write about personal stuffs, my point of view!


The purpose of this site is to inform people the history and background about the unpredictable and inevitable changes in life scenario of the underground writer, poet, essayist, composer holder of this web pages. Oh! Whatever you call it! Not all people around me knows everything that are happening in my life scenario every moment, so I decided to make this site to inform them. If ever I'm gone they would know. This site also provides you information if you might want to know and discover about the prosperous as well as the melancholic life story of Holly Cynth Lamadrid, a young closed-off religious broken-Gothic lady who is trying so hard to struggle from depression and trying so hard to get off from boredom. 

She affirms that life is so unfair. Life is a paradox. It is ironic. Sometimes life is bitter and sometimes life is sweet. No one knows how it could be. But even life is like that it is still worth living, isn't it? If... If we only know how to live life to the fullest. One last thing she wants you to realize is that treasure every moment of life for none of it would ever be the same again and no one knows if we could still have the same life again after all.

She wants to feel what love feels like, joy so to speak. She just want to feel it again one more time and for the last time before she left this seriously funny world. She wants to feel what it feels like to live for once. She don't want to just exist, but to live instead!

She loves learning a lot of things from people. You will surely learn a lot from this young stunner too and don't be hesitant to share your thoughts and ideas with her. She will never have a second thought to lend you a helping hand as long as she can instead she would love to hear at least something if not a lot from you. Be true to yourself! You could tell your sentiments whether hatred or love to this young lady. She would wholeheartedly understand and accept your emotions towards her. You might be even help her to improve her personality or help her to fight her ego and give pieces of advice. Or you might want to ask her some words of wisdom. If you need someone to talk to, don't be reluctant to approach her. She will always be available to listen to you no matter how. The owner will update this site from time to time so, you should be checking the site every now and then. This site is wholesome and the owner ensures that there is no any public offenses. If you want to copy some of the things that this site may contain, please ask permission from the owner. Don't worry, you could find inside this site on how you could contact the owner.

In addition, you could find other entertaining stuffs here like videos, photos, quotes,  poems, stories and others.. Enjoy your exploration in this site..Don't forget to impart your thoughts and ideas, alright? May God Bless everyone! ™

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