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I'm a nurse by profession BUT A WRITER BY HEART. Everyone wants to be writer but not everyone can come up with a brilliant masterpiece. I can only write about personal stuffs, my point of view!

Deadly Humorous Quotes

- Five benefits of kissing: 1. Changes taste. 2. Burns calories. 3. Lips never go dry. 4. Relieves stress. 5. Makes face muscles strong. So, keep kissing, don't worry there's no sugar.

- Cheating in exams is the best exercise for your reflexes. Your eyes are rolling to see the answer sheet of your seatmate. Your ears should be attentive even to the softest whispers to get with your seatmate is saying. Your neck is stretched either ways to search for clues. Your hands writes very fast of the answers you've got. Your feet kicks the chair of your classmate to let him know that you want to copy and finaly your heart beats ten times faster when you have passed your paper and realized that your seatmate answered set A and yours is set B.

- There was an accident that had just happened in the street: A woman approached the victims and tries to help them, but suddenly a nursing student came in and said; "Miss, excuse me. Please step back! I've had a course in first aid and I'm trained in CPR." The woman stepped aside, and watched his procedures for a few moments. Then tapped him on the shoulder and said: "Sir, when you are through and if ever you'll need a doctor, I'm just here."

Friendly Quotes

- Real friends are not those who are nice to be with, but rather those who are nice to talk with. 'Coz they don't only listen, they understand not only your words but most of all your silence.

- Look for someone who is a bestfriend more than someone you're inlove with. 'Coz when you're old, graying, wrinkled and all, it's the friendship that endures more than the passion and being in love.

- Everyone dreams of a perfect friend. Someone funny, caring, and thoughtful. Then I met you and I ended up with nothing. "Nothing more to ask for." 

Heart-aching and Heartbreaking Quotations

- You know it is love when you have been saying goodbye for how many times and yet you are still not ready to leave.

- It's so frustrating to admit that it's hard to forget someone you love so much. You did everything you know what makes him happy. You gave everything even yourself. You sacrifice a lot and almost forgot yourself but in spite of all, he left you down. It felt like heaven and earth squeezed you. You can't say a word, can't breathe, can't move. All you did was to cry. How can you just forget everything when memories dance in your mind, slowly killing you, making you weaker inside, and all that he did was to say GOODBYE.

- Do you know what's the most painful thing in the world? It's when you both love each other and yet you couldn't patch things up. Where's the pain? It's when one decided to end it up and the other has no choice but to give up.

- Harry Potter Visited me yesterday and invited me to Hogwarts where I can see magic. I was about to go but I changed my mind. Why? 'Coz I thought of something better to do and that's to experience magic with you.

- Some say it's better to be single 'coz you're free and that no one will make you cry. You can flirt with anybody. But they didn't realize it's much better having someone to make you free but stops you when you're out of control. Would make you cry but then wipes your tears and make you smile. And would flirt with you and you know it's only you. 

- It's wrong to keep expecting especially if the situation tells that things aren't just meant for you but are you to be blamed when someone just keeps on making you feel that things are right?

- If all the SCIENCE in world could explain everything, could PHYSICS explain why we fall in love without being affected by gravity? And why can't LOGIC help us to make things right when we are in love? Would CHEMISTRY give us the chemical elements of love in its formula? Or could ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY locate the scars in my heart?

- I like it when he remembers me only to find out his girl is gone. I like it when he tells me he loves me only to find out he doesn't have anybody else to txt. I like it when he's extra sweet only to find out he and his girl had a big fight. I like it when he spends time with me only 'coz his girl couldn't find time for him. i don't take pleasure in hurting his girl's feelings 'coz I know at the end of the day, it's still HER and not ME that he'll choose to be with.

- It's good to live as an angel where all you need to do is watch mortals fall inlove but it's better to live as a mortal where all you can do is look at your side and just keep fallin' inlove with you angel.

- I was too eager to fall in love. I probably didn't know how it feels like but I was so brave all at once. Long shot came randomly; I didn't understand the feeling at first, so I tried again & again until I've proven that IT REALLY HURTS WHENEVER I FALL!

- I know I can never be the best in their eyes yet I'd be better not for them but for my own sake. I will let them control my life for now but soon I will be the one to rule it. [I can't take this kind of life anymore! It's bullxit!]

Hearty Love

- Find a person who wants to kiss your lips everyday. Who lifts and hugs you when you're jealous. Who patiently keeps silent when you're mad. Who fixes your hair just to see your face, and the one who wants to have lunch with you, with his family. The one who shares his drinks with you.  Who squeezes your hand together when you squeeze his and the one who wants to cut work just to have a date with you. Find someone who plans and imagines his future with you 7 years from now. And when you find him, never let him go.

Inspiring Quotes to Live By!- Learn From It!

- A cute story: Agrandfather was walking through his yard when he heard his grand daughter repeating the alphabet in a tone of voice that sounded like a prayer. He asked her what she was doing. The little girl explained: "I am praying, but can't think of the exact and right words, so I'm just saying all the letters in the alphabet and God will put them together for me because He knows what's inside my heart."

- It is madness to hate all roses because you got scratched with one thorn. To give up on your dreams because one didn't come true. To lose faith in prayers because one was not answered. To give up on your effort because one of them failed. To condemn all of your friends because one betrayed you. Not to believe in love because someone was unfaithful. To forget the chances to be happy because your not successful on the first attempt. I hope that as you go on your way you don't give up. Just think that sometimes life's like that.

- Sometimes in life we tend to run so fast. We don't notice God running with us. We only notice Him when we fall yet He stops and carries us and says: "Finish the race CHILD."

- When crosses of life seems so heavy to bear, don't ask God to lighten the cross but ask Him to strengthen your back for you to carry it.

- One stormy night, a child knocked at a woman's house. The child was very weak. The woman prepared a glass of milk for him and learned that his name is Howard. The child was very thankful. After many years, the woman grew old and very sick. No one cared for her. When she was admitted in the hospital, she worried that she didn't have enough money to pay. After her operation, there was a short note beside her table. It was the bill she had to pay. Trembling, the note read: "Bill is paid in just one glass of milk." - Dr. Howard

- Don't let someone miss you that much. Why? Because you might never know how you're giving him reasons to forget you.

- It is not wrong to be happy when you know it's about time that you deserve to be.

- Love the sun for it warms your body yet love the rain for it cools your head. Love the light for it shows you the way yet love the darkness for it shows you the star. Welcome happiness for it enlarges your heart yet endure sadness for it opens your soul. Be grateful for everything. Just enjoy every moment for none of it will happen the same way again.

School Related

The best quote for students out there... "I'd rather open my FACEBOOK... than to FACE my BOOK!"

Whew! Naughty!

The word "woman" has "man" in it. The abbreviation "mrs" has "mr" in it. The noun "female" has "male" in it. Another pronoun "she" has "he" in it. Even the french "madame" has "adam" in it. It is therefore no wonder that "men" always want to be inside "women."

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