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The Last Love Letter

Posted on June 17, 2012 at 3:40 PM


            I just want you to know how sorry I am about these past few days. I know you’re too much tired of me that I keep on saying this word “sorry.” I know I’ve acted so weird and I messed up a lot. I can’t close my eyes tonight without you knowing how much I miss you and I love you. You know that I lie awake at night with only one reason, which is thinking about you. Gathering some words on how to apologize, but I guess words aren’t enough. Sometimes, you may not understand me and so am I to you. Sometimes, you may feel worthless and so am I. Sometimes, you feel so bad and upset and so am I. But why can’t we help each other then and patch things up? I hate this feeling of emptiness when we’re not in good terms. I feel so guilty. I don’t want to hurt you, no; I don’t want this to happen. Sometimes, you may feel that I don’t care about you. Why is that when all that matters to me is you? Daddy, it’s you. It’s always been you. I hope you know that. I promise to patch things up and make it up to you. I hope it’s never too late for both of us.

So, I’ll see you then at my tree house in the afternoon? I’ll wait for you there ‘til sunset. If you won’t come to see me, I know what it means and I’ll try my hardest to accept you don’t want me no more.  Just always remember that I love you so and I’ll always be your angel.



Lyle was going to the tree house hoping he could see Hailey  in there. Lyle stayed at the tree house listening to their theme song over and over again ‘til sunset. Hailey never showed up so he decided to just go home and because he felt something strange. The wind was very different. He thought a typhoon was coming. Lyle went home that night with a broken heart and hopeless. He reached home and he saw her mother in tears and sobbing. He hugged her to make her more feel safe and at ease. But her mother should have something to tell him but the alarm clock suddenly ringed, he got up from bed and was cramming for school.

After school he remembered the dream. He went to the tree house waiting and hoping for Hailey’sarrival. It was exactly the same with the dream. He went home after watching the sunset and her mother told him a bad news that Hailey’s gone. She never woke up when she closed her eyes the night when she wrote her letter to Lyle. Lyle was shocked and tears fell down his cheeks and wiped immediately with his fingers. They both headed to Hailey’s funeral that night. Hailey’s father handed Lyle a pieceof paper he saw on the top of her daughter’s study table. It was the letter Hailey wrote last night. He didn’t open the letter until he reached home. He sat for awhile thinking how young Hailey was taken from them. He looked unto his side where the letter is. He kept on reading it over and over carefully with tears in his eyes every night and couldn’t help but to cry himself to sleep.


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