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Posted on June 16, 2012 at 11:00 AM

20 Things You Don't Know About Me or You May Know But Not Sure

1. I hate it when I'm with my boyfriend and he texts because I get jealous too easily.

2. I hate it when he doesn't text or call me and when he replies after an hour or so. It makes me think of negative stuffs.

3. I have too much pride in myself, but when my relationship with him is at risk, I don't care swallowing my own pride. That's how much I love this guy.

4. I am good in bed, I can sleep 15 hours straight in a day.

5. I'm a frustrated writer, that's why I compensate by having my own site for my blogs.

6. McDonalds's cheese burger and upsized fries with additional iced coffee for a snack or for a peace offering will surely make my day.

7. I'm a frustrated actress and model.

8. I love making music videos.

9. One of my dreams is to play a piano but I never make it happen.

10. I can't sleep with the lights on and/or when someone is inside my room. I can't sleep without hugging my favorite pillow.

11. I hate it when I'm single, it makes me feel so alone and insecure. LoL!

12. When my haters start to annoy me, it makes me feel superior. They don't know that I love the attention they're giving to me. LoL!

13. Sometimes I hold a grudge especially when I'm so hurt that only cursing can ease the pain.

14. I'm too sensitive and easily annoyed when he does something wrong, even a little mistake can change my mood suddenly.

15. You can easily tell when I'm depressed, that's when I don't get out of my room the whole day. I'd rather sleep than thinking about stupid stuffs.

16. I try to find someone else when I have a fight with my boyfriend because I hate the feeling of being unattached to someone I get used with.

17. I don't have an average size of boobs and it makes me feel so insecure sometimes...Just sometimes, not at all times.

18. I have a serious attitude problem sometimes.

19. I'm shy in front of people I don't know. I'm loud and crazy in front of people I do know. I don't trust many people too easily.

20. I love singing and want to record but I just can't. LoL!

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