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Life Wouldn't Always Turn Out The Way You Want It To Be

Posted on June 6, 2012 at 1:55 PM

      I had this friend, who was been very good friend to me. I met him long long time ago, that was when I was having my on the job training on one of the affiliated hospitals of my alma mater. Our first encounter was on the Out-Patient Department, where he was assigned to as Post-Grad-Trainee with some others. Well, when I saw him right there, he looked familiar and then eventually I remembered that he was the same volunteer nurse on the City Health Office few months ago. So, we talked until we became close friends. We shared stories about our lives, experiences, dreams, future plans, and we went out together to hang out without malice because we know we’re both taken by our special someone. But I never met his girl and so he is, he never met my boyfriend. We had the best time together. At least we had each other during those times of loneliness and darkness and most especially those times of victories and happiness. Suddenly, a most painful tragedy happened in my life.

      Along with the release of my most awaited nursing board exam result was a revelation on how stupid and foolish I was about love. I was been cheated again for the nth time, I found out that my ex-boyfriend had a one night stand with someone I knew from my review proper and that the girl was pregnant. I tried to think a reason why he had to break his commitment and my heart after all the sacrifices I made. All I did was to love him, I even chose him over my friends. We stopped talking, no communications at all, not even a formal break-up happened. I tried to break the long silence between the two of us and patch things up but he didn't mind about it, so I guess it was time to let go even withouth the formal break-up. This close friend of mine was there for me, he did everything to make me feel better. He was always there ready to listen and offered his shoulders when I was about to cry. I cried a lot but he always re-assured me that things would get better too soon. At least, I was relieved a little bit knowing he was there to keep me accompany, not so much relieved but still he helped me with about 5% of mending and for me that was too much he could do for a close friend like me. Imagine how kind he was even he was experiencing a problem with his girl and I couldn’t do something for him. Then one day, he just disappeared without any words of goodbye or what. I was hurt, deeply hurt that he left me so easily because he wanted to be miles apart me as much as possible for his narrow minded girl.

      I had lost a friend, I had no one left beside me, I was all alone by myself mending a broken heart and getting over a lost friend. Thank God I made it through the trials; I moved on, left everything painful experiences behind me. Aftersome time my ex-boyfriend came over my house trying to talk and straighten things out or to patch things up. I made my final decision. After several months, the close friend I had once came back resentful when he broke up with his girl. We talked things out why he left me behind when I thought he was supposed to there the time I was mending from a broken heart and shattered dreams. He tried to explain, I accepted the apology even if I was deeply hurt when he chose a girl over his close friend. I realized he just did the right thing; he didn’t left his partner in life when they were in such a cloudy situation.  I envy the girl so much because he had a man who never leaves her behind no matter how and what the situation is, an obvious sign that he loves her that much. Too bad she let that opportunity slipped from her grip, she let go of a man whom a woman would ever want to be with. We must accept the fact that now-a-days thereare a small number of man who will sacrifice and be faithful to his other half, they are very rare and they are difficult to spot.


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