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I'm a nurse by profession BUT A WRITER BY HEART. Everyone wants to be writer but not everyone can come up with a brilliant masterpiece. I can only write about personal stuffs, my point of view!



Posted on May 23, 2009 at 12:06 PM

I didn’t have you and never will I

I’m going to cry until tears run dry

Tonight I’m going to sleep with a broken heart

But don’t worry about me, tomorrow is a new start

Oh how I wish it could be that easy

How I want to forget you so swiftly

All I can do now is a sigh

But I want to give it another try before I die

I can go on with my life without you

But my remaining days and nights are blue

I’ll try to be fine though

And look up the stars that glow

I will look up the sky

To somehow forget the lie

Not afraid to love once again

Even though I was hurt by you then

Because you’ve made me stronger

And I can be once again a dreamer

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